Mila Kunis weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Mila Kunis weight gain?

Mila Kunis, an American actor of Ukrainian origin, gained prominence as a teenager, appearing on TV series That 70s Show, and went on to appear on such movies as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Ted and Friend with Benefits, where she starred alongside the famed pop-star David Timberlake. The young actress has been repeatedly named among the most beautiful actresses in the world and more than once topped the lists of the world’s sexiest woman. However, in 2012 a lot of people have noticed a sudden Mila Kunis weight gain. Some sources have stated that she gained up to 50 pounds; the others claimed that her figure has barely changed at all.
So what did actually happen? Since the beginning of her professional career Mila was slim as a small porcelain doll. In the late 2000s, years before the gossip about Mila Kunis weight gain spread, the actress stood 5ft., 40-inch tall and weighed around 115 lbs. Her weight has further decreased as Kunis landed a role on psychological thriller/horror film Black Swan, where she appeared alongside Natalie Portman. In this movie Mila portrayed Lily (the Black Swan) the talented ballerina who competes with Nina (the Black Swan), until the later one loses her grip on reality. The directors wanted to unfold the intensity of competition and numerous psychological problems that the dancers have to deal with due to the specifics of their profession, including various eating disorders. In order to do this as realistic as possible, Kunis lost some 20 pounds from her already fragile figure.
The actresses admitted that losing this weight was one of the hardest things she had to do for acting. In order to get rid of that few pounds of fat she still had on her body, Mila had to go on a strict diet, keep her calorie intake at minimal level and exercise every single day. Looking back from the perspective, Kunis has never regretted her decision to go through all this trouble. Her role in the Black Swan has garnered the actress a widespread critical acclaim and recognition.
The process of Mila Kunis weight gain started right after the last scene of the movie was shot. The actress simply sow no point in continuing to live in accordance with ballerina’s diet: she loved her body the way it was before. It is true that after some time enjoying her normal lifestyle the starlet has added some pounds- it is nothing surprising. However, some of the messages about Mila Kunis weight gain have blown things out of proportion. The gossips that the young actress has added some 50 pounds, thus scarring her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, are simply ridiculous.

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