Miley Cyrus weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Miley Cyrus weight gain?

Miley Cyrus, for the teenage audience better known as Hannah Montana (that’s the stage name of her character on Disney’s show of the same name), started her professional career back in the childhood, appearing on Doc and Big Fish. The show mentioned above, which brought Cyrus an international fame, was later adapted into the movie Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of the Both Worlds Concert. As for 2013, the starlet has already established her image independently from her famous character. Her recently published videos just shout that Miley is trying to distance herself from her former image. Whether the means she’s using are appropriate, though, is a topic of many heated discussions. Even a hotter topic is the one concerning Miley Cyrus weight gain.
Unlike in the other cases, when the smallest changes in celebrities’ bodies gives raise to the big media bubbles, this time additional pounds are not seen as a problem. Some of the fans of this starlet are so concerned about her health, that Miley Cyrus weight gain would actually be celebrated. During the last couple of years a 20-year-old has shed a shocking amount of pounds. Her new body shape and the methods she used to lose weight are seen controversially, to say the least. Some has criticized her looks, saying that the singer and actress looks like a boy or prepubescent girl. The others envied her skinny figure and claimed that Miley Cyrus weight gain would have a negative effect on her career.
The methods she used to get this slim are not even totally clear. Of course, when asked directly Miley has publicly denied that she suffers from any eating disorder and claimed to follow a healthy diet. According to the starlet, the secret behind her weight loss is Pilates, which she started practicing more than a year ago. Still, a lot of anonymous sources, who claimed to know Cyrus personally or to have mutual friends with her, were convinced that in order to maintain her figure the actress and singer starves herself, consuming less than 500 calories per day. Many people who have seen Miley passing by on the street, minding her own business and not wearing a heavy make-up, have notices that she looks pretty exhausted and stressed.
Probably the most interesting piece of information was provided by yet another unnamed source, who claimed to be related to Miley’s fiancé Liam Hemsworth. Apparently, Miley Cyrus weight gain is now the key condition to their wedding. The source has claimed that Liam, who’s also an actor, is fed up with her constant dieting and exercising, which has started to cause her anxiety and health problems. He even threatened to break their engagement, unless she puts herself together and starts leading a healthier lifestyle.

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