Mindy Kaling weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Mindy Kaling weight gain?

Since the beginning of her professional career Mindy Kaling weight gain has been the topic of heated discussions. For those who do not know much about this actress, here is a brief review of her achievements. Mindy is a famed American actress, comedian, television producer and writer. She made both her television and movie debut in 2005, appearing as Amy in commercially successful comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin and as Richard Lewis’s assistant in TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Since then this young actress has featured in variety of movies, including No Strings Attached and The Five-Year Engagement. At the age 24 Kaling joined The Office team as one of the writers. In 2008 she started portraying Kelly Kapoor on the webseries of the same name. Most recently Mindy has ascended to stardom with her series The Mindy Project.
Despite her professional achievements it looks like to this day Mindy Kaling weight gain is what interest tabloids and their readers the most. But is her transformation really significant enough to be scandalized? In our opinion, it is not. Since the beginning of her professional career Mindy has been a little bit chubbier than most of the idolized Hollywood actresses. Yes, she might have packed on a several additional pounds during the last couple of years, but she is still far away from being called fat. No matter how many pounds she had actually added, it is obvious that Mindy Kaling weight gain did not have a negative effect on her professional career.
In fact, her perfectly average figure is one of the reasons so many women enjoy watching The Mindy Project. It is easier to sympathize with the leading character who looks more like you, not like a perfectly sculptured Hollywood diva. Mindy Lahiri, Kaling’s character on the famed television series, wouldn’t mind losing some 15 pounds, but having a perfect body is not one of her greatest dreams. Her life is already filled with work, hobbies, friends and adventures. In this respect Kaling is very similar to her character. The actress has publicly admitted that she would feel more satisfied with her body if she lost some 15 pounds. However, for a woman who works up 16 hours per day this is a nearly impossible task. It is hard to follow a strict diet or workout routine when you have to keep up with such a tight schedule.
Although she lacks time for herself, it is not likely that we will be witnessing a more significant Mindy Kaling weight gain in the nearest future. The actress claims she goes for a run whenever she has a spare hour. Plus, she has recently started to choose healthy food over pizzas macaroni and hamburgers.

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Mindy Kaling weight gain