Miranda Lambert weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Miranda Lambert weight gain?

Miranda Lambert is an American country singer, who rose to prominence as the participant on reality show/singing competition Nashville Star. She debuted with a single “Me and Charlie Talking” and later released an album Kerosene, which spawned four country hits: the one mentioned above, “New Strings”, “Kerosene” and “Bring Me Down”. Her debut work eventually received Platinum certification from the Recording Industries Association of America. Mostly due to the popularity of three catchy singles, “Gunpowder& Lead”, “Famous in a Small Town” and “More Like Her”, Miranda’s next album, entitled Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, enjoyed a similar commercial success. During her professional career, which now spans over 10 years, Miranda Lambert weight gain has been in the center of media attention just as often as her professional achievements.
It is not like Miranda was ever extremely skinny. Her weight has been fluctuating for years, but the size of her clothes never fell below zero 8. Miranda Lambert weight gain, although insignificant, caught the media attention during the recent Academy of Country Music Awards. In this event the singer appeared wearing a provocative black dress, which unleashed her ample bust and feminine curves. The process of Miranda Lambert weight gain started after she began dating a fellow country musician Blake Shelton, or at least that is what the singer believes. The couple met in 2006 and engaged four years later. They got married in 2011, in Texas, in front of more than 500 friends, family members and colleagues. Among their guests were such celebrities as Kelly Clarkson, Martina McBride, Cee Lo Green, Trace Adkins and Rebecca McEntire. Lambert is not the only famous singer who put on additional pounds after settling in a comfortable relationship. For example, her friend and fellow musician Kelly Clarkson gained weight due to the same reasons.
Although a little chubbier then she used to be, Miranda is as happy as ever. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy life being married to his best friend? “Best friend” is exactly how Lambert calls her husband. Once in an interview the singer has described her dialogue with Blake on the topic of her weight. While going through the old pictures Miranda asked her husband why didn’t he tell her she’s got so fat since the beginning of their relationship. He answered by saying that his job is not to criticize her, but to remind her she’s beautiful whenever his wife needs it. The fact that Blake loves her despite the shape of her body does not mean that Miranda Lambert weight gain does not bother her at all. After gaining some additional pounds the singer replaced burgers with salad and Doritos with bananas. She also continues to exercise, no matter how badly she hates it.

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