Mischa Barton weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Mischa Barton weight gain?

Mischa Barton, full name Mischa Anne Marsden Barton, is an occasion fashion model and actress with a dual American and British citizenship. She started her professional career as a stage actress in Twelve Dreams by James Lapine and Slavs! by Tony Kushner. Following this Mischa appeared as a guest on well known series All My Children. A breakthrough in her career came up in 1997, when Burton landed a major role on Lawn Dogs alongside Sam Rockwell. In 2003 the actress was cast as Marissa Cooper for TV series The O.C. Not only this role garnered her couple of prestigious awards, it also turned her into the teen-diva. Ever since then Mischa Barton weight gain and loss, legal issues and personal misfortunes have kept her under scrutiny of the media.
Back in the day when a 17-year-old Mischa started filming for the American teen drama The O.C., her figure was almost perfect. In fact, the teenager was so skinny, that quite a few people believed Mischa Barton weight gain could actually improve her looks. Keeping her body this way was not particularly hard, as most teenagers are blessed with fast metabolism. In addition, the young starlet enjoyed an active lifestyle, full of travels and all-night parties that did not leave her much time to sit on the couch eating chocolates. So what were the changes in her lifestyle that led to Mischa Barton weight gain? Apparently, the actress started partying a bit too much. According to some of her friends, who talked to the media anonymously, and colleagues, at the age 20 Mischa was already a heavy drinker. As you might already know, there is a reason why every diet that is meant to help lose weight forbids alcohol: this drink has more calories than the notorious chocolate cupcakes.
Apparently, Mischa did not confine herself with alcohol alone. Numerous witnesses have reported that the starlet smokes marijuana, occasionally snores cocaine and does other drugs. Her drug addiction has caused the actress some serious legal issues. In 2007 the police stopped her car after noticing a suspicious driving. It turned out that Mischa was absolutely stoned from marijuana. When charged with driving under the influence, she pleaded guilty and agreed to take a full responsibility for her actions. On an interview given to Ryan Seacrest, Mischa claimed that this incident really made her rethink her lifestyle. Despite that, the actress continued to drink and do drugs, right until hitting the bottom in summer 2009. That year the former teenage-diva was hospitalized against her own will, as the doctors suspected she might be a danger to herself. Around that time the actress was absolutely exhausted and skinnier than ever. Most people believe that the recent Mischa Barton weight gain actually signals about her recovery.

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