Namitha weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Namitha weight gain?

Namitha weight gain has been the topic of heated discussions for years. For those who do not know much about this Indian starlet, here is a shot overview of her life and career. Namitha Kapoor gained prominence in the late 1990s, after winning a beauty pageant and being crowned as Miss Surat. In 2001 she entered Miss India contest, but fell short of support. Despite this minor failure, Kapoor established herself as a successful commercial model and appeared on variety of Indian ads. In 2002 she debuted as an actress on the movie Sontham. Unfortunately, Namitha’s professional success and popularity in her country has had some negative side-effects. Three years ago some fan of hers attempted to kidnap the starlet.
The talks about Namitha weight gain are not plunked out of the fin air. The actress has admitted that she has lately gained some 3 kilograms. This minor transformation resulted from the changes in her daily routine. As any normal human being, sometimes Kapoor goes through periods when she does not feel like exercising at all. Talking more generally, the whole buzz around Namitha weight gain is quite weird, having in mind that the actress has never been slim. Even back in the late 1990s, when she won Miss Satur beauty pageant, Namitha did not fall in line with narrow standards of beauty applied in Hollywood: she has always been chubby. In fact, her curvy lines are one of the main reasons behind her popularity.
According to some of her fans, by refusing to torture herself with diets Namitha stands for all the women who have some overweight and do not make a problem out of it. Not all the internet commentators look for such “deep” reasons to admire the actress. Some just have a taste for curvier woman: sometimes it looks like Namitha’s full bust is about to have a fan club of its own. This holds true even after the actress has undergone a breast reduction procedure, in order to get rid of the back pains that troubled her since teenage years.
Although Namitha does not lack admirers, there are signs that she is not completely satisfied with her body. According to some sources, in 2010 she did follow a strict herbal powder diet. She learned about this weight loss method from her Australian friend, who claimed that the powder can help to shed up to 10 kilograms in two weeks. The diet requires giving up normal breakfast and dinner in favor of herbal powder and water. Would somebody self-confident actually commit himself for such a torture? In our opinion- no, thus it looks like Namitha weight gain actually bothers her more than anybody thinks.

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