Nathan Fillion weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Nathan Fillion weight gain?

A Canadian actor Nathan Fillion, currently 42 years old, started his professional career in the mid 1990s, appearing in both stage and television productions. During the following years he featured on variety of movies, including Saving the Private Ryan, Blast form the Past, Serenity (his performance as Malcolm Raynolds in this movie garnered Nathan SFX Award for the Best Actor), Slither, Waitress and Much Ado About Nothing. Nathan has also appeared in an impressive number of television series, such as Sin City, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Desperate Housewives. In 2009 the actor landed one of his most prominent roles so far: he was cast as Richard Castle for romantic crime series Castle. Just recently he received an additional and not so pleasant attention as the internet bloggers started talking about Nathan Fillion weight gain.
Whoever has followed his professional career knows that Nathan has not been particularly skinny for most of his professional career. According to some, even in the 1990s there were periods when the actor had a little overweight. However, the recent Nathan Fillion weight gain has disturbed even those who are used to his weight fluctuations. The fans of Castle have expressed mixed attitudes towards the recent changes in his body. Some of them were annoyed and claimed that those extra pounds he gained just do not fit his character, Richard Castle. After all, he is playing in a romantic drama series and portraying an active, energetic man.
Part of the internet commentators have claimed that Nathan Fillion weight gain is unforgivable, because people in showbiz a paid to look good. This might not be perfectly true, because the skill and talent are at least as important as the looks of the actors and sometimes the lack of charm in their appearance can be fully compensated by excellent performance. However, at the risk of sounding shallow we also have to admit that the appearance of leading actors is not the last thing we pay attention to, when choosing which series to watch.
Another reason why some of Castle followers tended to scandalize Nathan Fillion weight gain was their sincere conviction that the changes in his body shape appeared due to the sheer laziness. People tend to overlook unnecessary pounds when they now that the stars are suffering from some eating disorders of other diseases, but in the case of Nathan Fillion weight gain there are no such excuses. Quite a few internet bloggers have also noted that Hollywood places double standards on actresses over actors. Whenever a female celebrity, like Kelly Brook or Mischa Barton, gains a several extra pounds she instantly becomes the object of fierce criticism. Meanwhile, it seems like nobody gives a damn when a famed actor becomes chubby.

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