Nina Dobrev weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Nina Dobrev weight gain?

This summer, when the photos of two American starlets, Nina and Juliana, appeared on the internet, some of the internet commentators started arguing weather Nina Dobrev weight gain is real, or is it just an illusion created by natural lighting. For those who can’t recall how exactly this 24-year-old earned “the star” status, here is some remainders. Nina, who was born in Bulgaria, gained prominence appearing on Degrassi: The Next Generation. On these television series she portrayed a teenager, struggling as a single mother. Dobrev later became the idol for millions of teenagers appearing on television drama series The Vampire Diaries.
But let’s return to the question whether Nina Dobrev weight gain is a real thing, or is it an artificial bubble created by the tabloids and bad-willing internet commentators. In the pile of photos mentioned above the actress was captured on the beach in Florida, enjoying sun and water with her best friend, country music singer and the professional ballroom dancer, Juliana Hough. In these pictures Dobrev is wearing a colorful bikini, decorated with flower-ish ornaments. We have to admit, that the top part of this bikini actually seems a bit too small for the actress. However, it is not clear whether this is actually an indication that Nina Dobrev weight gain is a real thing, or is it just a bad bikini choice. In addition, in some of the pictures it seems like her stomach is not as well-toned as it used to be. In fact, from some angles it looks like the actress has developed a jelly-belly. However, this could be an effect of natural daytime lightening: the direct sunray tends to highlight every defect.
The most probable answer to the question that harries the internet commentators and the rest of Nina’s fans is that the actress actually did gain some additional weight. However, the change is barely noticeable and it is unlikely that she has put on more than 5lbs. Even with this additional weight Nina looks wonderful. Of course, she has a feminine, full bust and hips, but her waist is still slim and graceful. What might be the reasons behind this minor transformation? The gossip goes, there is some trouble in heaven. Apparently, her relationship with Ian Somerhald, another star of The Vampire Diaries was pretty tense since July. Some of the sources claim, that the dream-couple is no longer together. This might explain the recent Nina Dobrev weight gain, as most of the woman tends to resort to “emotional eating” when going through a ruff period. However, it is not likely that anybody will get a chance to call Nina fat in any foreseeable future. The actress has always had a reputation for leading a healthy lifestyle: although she does not call herself a vegan, she mostly eats like one, and exercises 5 times per week.

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