Pauline Quirke weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Pauline Quirke weight gain?

Pauline Quirke weight gain was massive: in the late 2000s the actress weighted almost 20 stones. For those who do not recall this actress, here are some remainders. Paulina started her professional career as a kid, appearing in Dixon of Dock Green and went on to host three shows for children: You Must Be Joking, Pauline’s Quirkes and Pauline’s People. As for today, the actress is best known for playing Sharon on popular TV series Birds of Feather and for her role as Hazel Rhodes on Emmerdale, ITV soap opera.
The reasons behind Pauline Quirke weight gain were numerous. First of all, it was pregnancy: the actress is a mother of two children, Emilie and Charlie Sheen (not to be confused with a famous actor Charlie Sheen). Secondly, Pauline has frankly admitted she used a lot of wine. Although white dry wine is often named as the drink containing relatively few calories, as any other alcohol it still contains plenty of them. It might also work as an appetizer- Quirke has mentioned that she could never resist having a plate of cheese next to the glass of wine.
Not only Pauline Quirke weight gain has taken away her beauty, it also caused her some serious health problems. First of all, she had spine issues, which were related to her excessive weight, and even experienced a surgery. Secondly, in 1994, while pregnant with her son, the actress had diabetes. Fifteen years later she went under the knife to have a hip replaced. The latest of troubles, which made Pauline realize that it is time to pull herself together and get rid of overweight, unless she wants to end up in a wheelchair, happened soon after this surgery. The woman fell and fractured her ankle. By that time her organism was so exhausted from surgeries and medications, her ankle would not even heal properly.
After Pauline decided to get rid of excessive overweight, she signed a contract with Lighter Life, becoming the company’s face and spokesperson. With the diet plan, which replaces usual meals with shakes and soups, the woman was expected to shed almost 9st, form 20st to 11st. Pauline actually managed to live up to the expectations and reached her target weight within a year. However, the strict dieting had some negative consequences on her metabolism. As diet experts and nutritionists worn, after going through an extended period of starvation the organism learns to store fat in case of another “famine”. That is exactly what happened to the actress- her metabolism has slowed down drastically. That’s why Pauline has put on 2 stones within a couple of months after the diet, although she continued to watch her calorie intake and chose only low-fat food. That also explains why Pauline Quirke weight gain can be expected in the nearest future again.

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