Rachael Ray weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Rachael Ray weight gain?

Just a couple of month ago the tabloids and some of the internet commentators have started screaming about the apparent Rachael Ray weight gain. For those who do not recall this starlet, here are some reminders. Rachael is a famed American chef, businesswoman, television personality, host of several Food Network programs and the author of numerous books. She is best known for hosting such series as Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels, $40 a Day and 30 Minute Meals. For her work on television Rachael has received two Daytime Emmy Awards. In 2006 she launched a successful magazine, titled Every Day with Rachael Ray.
As soon as the photos of the celebrity chief carrying some extra weight were printed in the media, some of her fans and internet bloggers have made an assumption that the reason behind Rachael Ray weight gain is pregnancy. This seemed like a rather likely explanation. For more than seven years now Ray has been married to John Cusimano, the leading singer of the band called The Cringe. Although the famous television host is already well into her forties, the couple still does not have children. Pregnancy would have explained the recent transformations in Ray’s body. As we all know, while carrying a baby all the woman gain quite a lot of weight. According to the doctors, during 9 months of pregnancy a female of an average weight should pack on 25-35 pounds. Of course, assuming that every marriage must lead to having kids is a bit traditionalist, but we have to admit that this assumption still proves right most of the times.
However, this time it did not. Rachael has put the media’s speculations to an end by publicly denying the rumours that she is pregnant. According to the starlet, she is simply too tired and too busy to take care of kids. Even without them Rachel barely has any time for herself or her husband, as she is trying to divide her time between television, writing, catering, responsibilities related to the marketing of her publications, etc. The woman has joked that with such a tight schedule she can hardly take a good care of her dog, let alone children.
So what the actual reasons behind Rachael Ray weight gain might be? First of all, we have to remember that she has already turned 44. As we all know, as the years go by both females and male metabolism tends to slow down. This means that in order to maintain the same weight Rachel has to put more effort than she did 5 years ago: she has to eat less and work out more. Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows this is way harder than it seems.

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Rachael Ray weight gain Rachael Ray weight gain