Rachel Miner weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Rachel Miner weight gain?

We have noticed that recently there have been some talks about Rachel Miner weight gain. For those who have not heard much about this actress, here is a short story of her career. Rachel started professional acting at the age of 9, appearing on Guiding Light as Michelle Bauer and went on to film for the Christmas special of television series Shining Time Station. Following this Miner had minor roles on such TV series as Sex and the City, Californication and Fear Itself.
The actress gained prominence in 2009, as she was cast for reoccurring role on teen television series Supernatural. It was in the following year, during the filming of the sixth season, that some of her fans have noticed Rachel Miner weight gain. Although the change was minor, it was quite obvious that her cheeks are a bit fuller than it used to be in the fifth season. However, this time internet commentators were more understanding than they usually are. Most of them felt sympathy for the actress, as the changes in her body shape resulted from severe back pains, which prevented her from exercising.
Her personal life is not any less interesting than her professional career or the recent Rachel Miner weight gain. In 1998, at the age 17, the actress got married to a troubled Hollywood teenager, Macaulay Culkin. A child-prodigy and one of the most famous kids in the world since his appearance on Home Alone, Macaulay started using drugs at an early age. Desperately lonely, seeking comfort from another human being, the actor proposed to Rachel when he was also only 17. As everyone could have expected, the couple did not last long. They decided to go separate ways after two years of marriage and the divorced was finalized by 2002. Following this, Rachel’s ex-husband started dating another Hollywood starlet, Mila Kunis, but it seems like she did not bring him calmness or happiness. The couple went through a painful divorce in 2010.
With his heart broken after the previous relationship with Kunis, Macaulay started longing for his former wife. Obviously, Rachel Miner weight gain did not seem repellent for him. First, Culkin asked Miner to meet him on a friendly basis at one of the New York galleries. According to anonymous source, who claimed to be close to the actor, next to each other the former couple felt super-comfortable and the evening went better than anyone could have expected. This encouraged Culkin to ask Rachel on the second date. Based on the information provided by the same source, back at that time Macaulay was hoping that things could be the same as they were back in the late 1990s and was determined to get Rachel back. A little is known about their relationship since then.

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Rachel Miner weight gain Rachel Miner weight gain