Richard Dean weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Richard Dean weight gain?

Richard Dean Anderson, or simply Richard Dean, is a famed American actor who gained prominence appearing on hit television series General Hospital and ascended to stardom as the lead character on MacGyver. After these series were canceled in 1992, Richard ventured into movies. He has featured on Pandora’s Clock, Through the Eyes of a Killer, Firehouse and a number of other films. In the late 1990s the actor returned to television, as he landed a lead role on TV series Stargate SG-1. He also featured on such related projects as Stargate: Continuum, Stargate: Universe and Stargate: Atlantis. In the late 2000s, as his professional career slowed down, Hollywood started talking about Richard Dean weight gain.
Back in the 1970s, when Richard started his professional career, he was widely admired not only for his acting skills, but also for his looks: charming face and a well trained body. Today, after more than 30 years on television, he looks much different. No, we are not talking about his gray hair or wrinkles. The actor has aged and we have to admit he did it with grace: without plastic surgeries or hair dyeing. But even more noticeable then the marks that age has left on his face is Richard Dean weight gain. Since his career on television slowed down, the actor has put on quite a few unnecessary pounds. Some of the internet commentators were fast to criticize Richard, calling him “fat”, “obese” and “lazy”. However, the reasons behind Richard Dean weight are pretty natural and understandable.
First of all, as the years went by his metabolism slowed down- you have to remember that this happens not only for women, but also for plenty of men. In addition, the actor had some serious health problems. By the year 2002 Richard has already experienced three knee surgeries. Needless to say, it limited his potential for physical activity: the actor is no longer able to exercise as often as he used to. The changes in his body shape are also related with Anderson’s retirement. The actor has admitted that since he is not longer filming for television series, his motivation to work out has decreased. After all, who can blame him? After years carrying a duty to count calories and exercise in order to keep in shape, the man finally got the right to enjoy the food he likes and get some rest.
Plus, we cannot agree with the claims that the actor looks “miserable” or “ugly”. Despite Richard Dean weight gain, he looks much better than most of the 63-year-olds and in our opinion, this is pretty much all you can ask. It would be unreasonable to expect that in his sixties Richard looked the same way as he did in MacGyver.

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