Rihanna weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Rihanna weight gain?

The whole buzz around Rihanna weight gain started this May, when one of her fans posted two photos of the singer wearing the same stage costume: one of them was taken in the beginning of the her tour and the second appeared to be made a couple of month later. The fan suggested that during the last couple of months the starlet has packed on some additional weight. If you look at the pictures really closely, the difference is actually noticeable- her belly and legs do look a bit thicker. However, it seems like Rihanna weight gain was marginal. We find it hard to believe that she is currently heavier by more than two pounds.
But does the starlet see this additional weight as a problem? Not even as a small one. After the comments on her alleged transformation appeared on the internet, the singer posted “Yasss! #progress #operationThickana on her Twitter account. Apparently, Rihanna weight gain was not accidental. The singer is actually glad she is getting curvier and plans to put on even more weight. This should not be particularly surprising. Those who have followed her career know that back in the day when Rihanna ascended to stardom with the songs “Pon de Replay” and “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” she was much thicker than she is today. To be fair, a solid part of her fans (at least the male part of the audience) admired the starlet for her feminine curves, rather than her powerful voice. It would not be much of exaggeration to claim that in the mid 2000s Rihanna was widely regarded as one of the hottest and the most attractive woman in the world.
When the starlet released her debut album Music of the Sun her reputation was more or less impeccable. She was a young, fresh-faced, sexy but rather timid girl from the islands. However, as the years went by Rihanna’s image started to change and her stylists started portraying her as a “bad girl”. Soon Rihanna gained a reputation for heavy partying. She also made it to the headlines due to the public fights with her abusive and violent boyfriend, Chris Brown. Around the same time her fans have noticed that Rihanna has lost a considerable amount of weight. The singer has claimed that she did not try to lose weight on purpose. According to her, the pounds started melting because of her tight schedule and constant stress. If this is the true, recent Rihanna weight gain might actually be the sign of her recovery. Maybe the young singer has finally decided to pull herself together and start leading a healthier lifestyle.

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