Rob Mcelhenney weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Rob Mcelhenney weight gain?

In 2011 the whole Hollywood was shocked by a sudden Rob Mcelhenney weight gain. Just to remind you of this actor, Rob is a developer, creator and executive producer of a popular FX television show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He also portrays one of the main characters of this show, Ronald McDonald, called Mac. The series follows the lives of four underachievers, twins Dennis and Deandra Reynolds, Charlie Kelly and Mac himself. Unlike in most situation comedies, were the characters get better looking and richer with every season, on this show they stay just as miserable and messed up as they used to be: seducing priests, smoking crack cocaine and engaging in other activities that most of the society would find intolerable and humiliating.
So what was the reason behind the sudden Rob Mcelhenney weight gain? Nick Kroll, who interviewed the actor for his show “The League” once have joked that Rob must have put on this weight to keep the company for his pregnant wife. However, it appeared that Rob Mcelhenney weight gain was actually part of his job. He actually decided to do this purely for the joke, to mock the other TV series, in which the producers try to keep the actors under the tight control, so they would not gain an additional pound. In fact, as an executive producer Rob suggested that the rest of the cast should start a new season fat too, however, they were not fascinated by this idea. As for one reason, going through such a radical transformation in a short period is a huge stress for the body. Not the less importantly, the cast had to think about their personal careers: as everyone knows, overweight is not considered a benefit in Hollywood and getting rid of it might appear much harder than gaining.
In order to gain all this weight before the shooting starts again, Rob had five 1000-calorie meals every day. Yes, the actor wanted to get fat, but plugging his veins with cholesterol was not among his goals. Thus in the beginning Mcelhenney ate only healthy food. However, as the time passed by the actor lost his determination: eating one big hamburger just seemed much easier than dealing with two cups of rise, three chicken breasts and two cups of vegetables, (both meals have the same amount of calories). In additional, every once in a while he shuffled down three donuts or another treats. How did Rob Mcelhenney weight gain make him feel? The actor claimed he felt more energetic and happier than ever.

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