Ryan Gosling weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Ryan Gosling weight gain?

In 2007 Hollywood was shocked by Ryan Gosling weight gain. In quite a short period the actor bloated by 60lbs! Before starting to dig into this topic, let us remind you who this Ryan is. He is a famed Canadian actor, writer, director and musician, who gained prominence as a kid, appearing on Disney’s show Mickey Mouse Club. In 2001, at the age 21 Ryan made his movie debut as a serious actor on The Believer. Since then Gosling has featured in variety of prominent movies, including Murder By Numbers, The Slaughter Rule, The United States of Leland, The Notebook, Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl, Fracture, Blue Valentine, Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Ideas of March, Gangster Squad, The Place Beyond the Pains and Only God Forgives.
Those who have seen some of the movies mentioned above know that in most of his roles Ryan appears as an attractive and rather lean man. So why the actor did suddenly bloated in 2007? Ryan Gosling weight gain was actually part of his preparation for the movie The Lovely Bones. In this film he was supposed to portray Jack Salmon, a man who loses the joy of life after his daughter is brutally raped and killed. In the mid 2000s Peter Jackson, the director of this movie, hired Ryan without much hesitation. That’s when he started preparing for the role. Gosling believed that his character should be overweight: the man whose life just fell apart would not be willing to take a good care of his body. Plus, the actor was convinced that an additional weight would make Salmon look more miserable.
Contrariwise to the popular belief that gaining weight is an enjoyable process, Ryan Gosling weight gain required quite a lot of effort and dedication for the role. In order to gain a considerable overweight in quite a short period Ryan had to introduce some considerable changes into his routine. First of all, he made some cuts on his exercising schedule. Secondly, Ryan has completely changed his diet. Instead of eating small portions of healthy food five times per day he started stuffing his stomach with high-fat food every couple of hours. In order to get even more calories, Gosling used to melt ice-cream and drink it whenever he felt thirsty- just like water!
Ironically, not only Ryan Gosling weight gain did not serve his character, it was the reason why he lost his part for Mark Wahlberg! Apparently Peter Jackson, the director, had a different vision of Ryan’s character and overweight was not included in it. When Ryan showed up for the shooting weighing 210 lbs Peter was shocked. Although Ryan could have shed the additional pounds, it was obvious that this would not be his last argument with the director.

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Ryan Gosling weight gain Ryan Gosling weight gain