Shawn Johnson weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Shawn Johnson weight gain?

In 2012 Shawn Johnson, a retired artistic gymnast from the United States, made it to the headlines once again. This time the journalists did not want to know about her professional achievements, what interested them was Shawn Johnson weight gain.
Shawn, currently 21 year old, ascended to stardom at the age 16, as she became an individual All-around World Champion. Back in the day fat constituted only 6% of her body and Shawn Johnson weight gain seemed unlikely, considering the specifics of her profession. In 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics the teenager earned three silver medals (in Team, Floor and All-around categories) and was the first in Balance Beam. That year magazines, newspapers and bloggers just could not stop praising Shawn for her determination, talent, skill and beauty. Everything changed in 2010, when while skiing in one of her favorite resorts the young athlete experienced a knee injury. To be more specific, Shawn has torn her anterior cruciate ligament. It took a while until the gymnast recovered after a surgery and was able to get back to her normal training schedule. As one could have expected, during this period Johnson has added some weight.
Ok, “some” might be a little underestimation here, as Johnson gained more than 30 pounds. Still, whoever has followed the headlined in 2012 has to admit that media’s preoccupation with Shawn Johnson weight gain was pretty silly. Internet commentators were worst of all, throwing the most insulting comments without any scrupulous. What was Shawn’s reaction to all the criticism she received? The athlete did not even try to pretend she does not care about the public opinion and admitted that some of comments have hurt her pretty bad.
She has later decided to speak out about her emotions, hoping to prevent similar media attacks on other teenagers. Shown noted that people pay too much attention for the physical appearance and that fierce criticism regarding the woman’s body can lead to serious eating disorders. Although this was pretty much stating the obvious, it is never hurtful to draw public attention to an important problem once again. The star-athlete has also admitted that back in her teenage years she has suffered from eating disorders herself. The unbelievably high criterions raised for the bodies of gymnasts encouraged her to resort to dangerous diets and starvation.
As for the day, Shawn Johnson weight gain is left in the past. The former artistic gymnast got rid of 25 pounds after the media attacks. She did that by using the only reliable method: following a healthy diet and exercising. Shawn’s weight continued to melt as she entered reality show/dancing competition Dancing with the Stars.

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