Val Kilmer weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Val Kilmer weight gain?

An American actor Val Kilmer started his professional career on stage. By the mid 1980s he ascended to stardom in Hollywood, appearing on comedy movies Real Genius and Top Secret, as well as action blockbusters Willow and Top Gun. Among his most prominent roles were those of Jim Morrison in The Doors, Chris is Heat, Doc Holliday in Tombstone and Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever. Although Kilmer remained among the A-list actors all through the 1980s and during most of the 1990s, his career seemed to be on a free falling ever since. One of the reasons behind his professional difficulties was Val Kilmer weight gain.
Those who have seen Val in his early action movies or watched him perform in The Romance remember him as a muscular and energetic man. Val Kilmer weight gain was not some kind of disaster that happened during one year, it took about 10 years for him to turn from “hotty” into the “fatty”. His transformation is captured in the photos made by paparazzi. By 2007 he weighed about 270 pounds, most of which concentrated on his waist. As was noted by one of the internet bloggers, Val did not just become flabby. By the mid 2000s the star of Top Gun, who used to be named among the sexiest actors in Hollywood, looked like a pregnant man. We should ad that Val did not just look pregnant. He seemed as if he was carrying triplets for the ninth month.
Around the same time as Val Kilmer weight gain became obvious for, his career started going down at the increasing speed. On the one hand, the professional difficulties he experienced might be one of the reasons behind his transformation. The fewer and less attractive job offers he received, the less motivation he had to work out. On the other hand, it is clear that the additional weight he gained had a negative effect on his career. Weighing 270 pounds, Kilmer definitely was not the best fit for the leading roles in action movies, which once brought him an international fame. Quite a good part of his former fans have expressed their disappointment online. Some of them were pretty furious at the actor and noted that for the millions he was paid the least he could have done was staying in shape.
The reasons behind Val Kilmer weight gain might be various. As we have already mentioned, the troubles in his professional career might have subverted his motivation to work out and led to “emotional eating”. Another reason behind his transformation might be alcoholism. Val’s weakness for liquors has been notorious for years. As we all know, not only the alcohol contains plenty of calories itself, it also tends to heighten appetite for food.

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