Vanessa Hudgens weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Vanessa Hudgens weight gain?

Vanessa Hudgens, currently 24 years old, is an American actress, best known for her performance as Gabriella Montez in High School Musical series, which were extremely popular among teens. Her acting career took off in 2003, when the girl was cast for the movie Thirteen. Following this Vanessa has appeared on variety of films, including Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Bandslam, Spring Brakes and Machete Kills. Hudgens is also a pretty talented singer. So far she has released two albums: V, which reached the stores in 2006, and Identified. Although for years the starlet was praised for a wonderful figure, her photos taken in 2012 indicate Vanessa Hudgens weight gain.
What happened to the teen-diva? Did after years counting calories and sweating in the gym the starlet decided to give herself a break and became a permanent visitor of Taco Bell and McDonalds? That sounds incredible for us too… The actual reason behind the recent Vanessa Hudgens weight gain is her professional career. The actress had to put on a considerable amount of weight as she was preparing for the role in movie Gimme Shelter. In this independent film, which is supposed to reach the cinemas by the end of year, Vanessa stars as Apple. Apple is a street wise and brave 16-year-old, who runs away from her prostitute drug addict mother, as she tries to force the girl to follow her footsteps. The teenager manages to track down her father and moves in with him. Her troubles continue as Apple realizes she is pregnant from a boy who no longer wants to hear about her. Soon Apple finds herself homeless again, as her father disapproves of her determination to give birth to the baby.
Although her pregnancy-belly was made artificially, in order to make the character look more realistic Vanessa Hudgens weight gain was inevitable too. We bet that putting on weight was a very pleasant process for the actress, who has repeatedly declared her passion for food. This was not the first time when Vanessa had to change the shape of her body in order to prepare for the role. Before shooting Spring Breaks both Hudgens and Gomez were asked to gains some weight. This might sound weird for those who have seen the movie, as on Spring Breaks both starlets seems pretty slim. We can only imagine how skinny they were before the shooting!
As for summer 2013, Vanessa Hudgens weight gain is already left in the past. The starlet was recently spotted getting out of the car in London, wearing an extravagant blouse that unleashed her perfectly toned belly. The speed in which she got rid of additional pounds has even caused some concerns about Vanessa’s health.

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