Vincent D’Onorfio weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Vincent D’Onorfio weight gain?

During the last three decades Vincent D’Onorfio weight gain has been discussed in the tabloids a several times. For those who do not know much about the professional achievements of this actor, film producer, director and musician, here is some information. His acting career took off in the mid 1980s, as Vincent landed a role on Stanley Kubrick’s war film Full Metal Jacket. Following this the actor has featured in variety of movies, including Adventures in Babysitting, Signs of Life, The Blood of Heroes, Naked Tango, JFK, Ed Wood, Man in Black, The Cell, Thumbsucker and Chained. As a producer D’Onorfio gained prominence with such films as The Whole Wide World, The Velocity of Gary and Gay.
Vincent D’Onorfio weight gain has first placed him in the centre of media attention in 1987. That year the actor starred in a film Full Metal Jacket, as Private Leonard Lawrence, called Gomer Pyle. His character was supposed to be an overweight, slow-witted and clumsy recruit. In order to prepare for this part Vincent gained 70 lbs, for a total weight of nearly 280 pounds. In order to put this weight on Vincent has spent seven months eating greasy food five times per day.
Although there is a dominant belief that gaining pounds is much easier than getting rid of them, one should consider the side effects that such diet has. While eating high-calorie food a person often feels tired or even exhausted, as his organism goes through a lot of trouble processing the grease. In addition, such a rapid weight gain can cause serious heart problems. Vincent D’Onorfio weight gain for this movie has set a new record in Hollywood: no actor before him has put on so much weight only to prepare for one role. Before Vincent, this record belonged to Robert De Niro who ballooned in order to fit the part in Ranging Bull.
It took half a year for D’Onorfio to get rid of overweight. How did he do that? The actor used the only reliable method: followed a strict diet and exercised five times per week. In 2002 Vincent D’Onorfio weight gain shocked his fans and fellow actors once again. This time he put on 45 lbs in order to prepare for the role in neo-noir crime thriller The Salton Sea. In this film D’Onorfio played a notorious drug dealer known as Pooh-Bear. Although the actor has managed to get rid of most of the extra pounds after the shooting, soon Vincent D’Onorfio weight gain was obvious once again. This time the reasons behind his transformation had little to do with Vincent’s career in movie industry. The age and related health problems (D’Onorfio is currently 54 years old) simply slowed down his metabolism and limited his capacity for physical activity.

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Vincent D’Onorfio weight gain Vincent D’Onorfio weight gain